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Polishing cloth with rouge, 11x9 inches. Sold individually.

81,00 kr inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
This excellent polishing cloth offers a double value. One side is impregnated with red jewelers' rouge for polishing and cleaning surface oxidation. The other side is a cloth for final polishing. Great for polishing any precious metal items. Not to be used for plated items, because it can rub the finish off.

Polishing cloth, polyester and nylon, cream, 7x5 inches. Sold per pkg of 2.

27,00 kr inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
Microfiber cloth is designed to clean crystal and glass pieces. This soft polyester and nylon fabric is ideal for removing dust and oils from crystal and glass jewelry, eyeglass and camera lenses, monitors, touchscreen surfaces and more. Cloth can be hand washed for repeated use.

Polishing cloth, Sunshine®, light yellow, 7-3/4 x 5-inch rectangle.

40,00 kr inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
The world's quickest polishing cloths. These non-staining and easy-to-use cloths remove tarnish from precious metals, brass and copper. Just rub the surface to be polished. Each cloth is impregnated with special chemical cleansing agents and non-scratching micro-abrasives. May also be used to brighten chrome, wood, ceramic, hard plastic and glass.

Shine Rite Polishing Pads x10

Von 35,00 kr inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
Create a bright, professional shine quickly and easily! Use Polishing Pads to brighten, polish, and remove tarnish from metal jewelry components. They are great for stamping charms, highlighting antiqued finishes, and quick touch-ups too. These pre-treated 2 inch squares are made from tight-bond cellular foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives. Simply use each cloth until completely soiled then discard

Hasulith Nickel Test

129,00 kr inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
Hasulith Nickel-Test is a quick and easy method to detect nickel in metals, alloys and galvanic layers. Usually the test can be carried out without destruction or damage of the object. Contains 2 bottles of 20 ml, equivalent to about 40 tests.

Instant tarnish remover, Empire's. Sold per 8-ounce jar.

86,00 kr inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
Quickly cleans sterling, gold, copper or brass jewelry. Use by gently immersing jewelry for 2-10 seconds. Rinse in warm water and wipe dry. Do not use on porous stones, pearls, painted jewelry, aluminum, stainless steel or lacquered surfaces.

Cleaners & Polish

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