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Bracelet Bending Bar, ImpressArt.

€6,20 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
For bending metal strips up to 1 1/2" wide.

Bracelet Bending Bar, ImpressArt. Sold per set.

€9,92 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
This set includes • ImpressArt Bracelet Bending Bar. 7 Aluminum bracelet blanks, 5/8" x 6", 14 gauge. Bracelet Bending Bar is for bending metal strips up to 1 1/2" wide.

Stamp Enamel 1.1 oz

€7,95 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

Stamp Straight Tape, ImpressArt.

€2,75 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
ImpressArt Stamp Straight Tape allows precision and accuracy when stamping letters onto metal. Designed for metal stamping, this tape is non-residual and leaves a clean surface after use. Provides a thick, strong ridge to line stamps against. To use, create a straight line with top edge of tape on your blank. Lightly drag stamp towards tape until the bottom of stamp catches the edge. To evenly space out letters, mark tape with a pen where each letter will be stamped.

Universal Metal Stamp Holder (up To 15mm Dia)

€7,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

Tools and Supplies

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