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Bead mix, cloisonné, multicolored, 5x5mm-19x15mm mixed shapes. Sold per pkg of 50.

358,95 ₽ excl. BTW excluding shipping
Shapes can include rounds, ovals, teardrops, tubes and discs.

Bead, cloisonné, green moon, 21mm long, 15mm wide, 6mm thick, hole: 2mm

Vanaf 28,23 ₽ excl. BTW excluding shipping
Absolutely fabulous cloisonné beads now available in fresh, contemporary styles. The quality, centuries-old, handmade technique now has a modern twist.

Bead, cloisonné, dark blue/orange/green/gold, 18x15mm double-sided heart. Sold per pkg of 4.

358,95 ₽ excl. BTW excluding shipping
Hollow copper-based cloisonné beads have lovely double-sided floral and butterfly accents. Cloisonné is a centuries-old technique that requires skilled artisans to arrange dozens of tiny cells on a copper or brass surface and layer by layer, fill-in the cells with a durable colored enamel, then fire to finish. Due to the handcrafted nature of the beads, size, shape and colors may vary.

Bead, cloisonné, enamel and gold-plated brass, pink and multicolored, 40x36mm double-sided heart with rose design. Sold individually.

478,60 ₽ excl. BTW excluding shipping
Created by skilled artisans, each cloisonné bead can take up to four hours to produce. Dozens of tiny cells are arranged on the bead's surface, filled with enamel color, and fired. Then each bead is polished, revealing intricate and beautiful designs. Sizes, shapes and colors may vary with handcrafted items.

Pendant and bead mix, cloisonné, multicolored, mixed shapes. Sold per 100g pkg, approximately 50-80 pieces.

894,38 ₽ excl. BTW excluding shipping
Gold- or silver-plated pewter (tin-based alloy) and enamel. Shapes can include a mix of drilled, half-drilled and undrilled elephant, round, seahorse, oval, ladybug and more.


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