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ICE Resin

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ICE Resin, kunsthars, 2-Componentenset, crystal transparant. Verkocht per 30 ml.

Vanaf €10,00 incl. BTW excluding shipping
Ice Resin kunsthars. Dit is transparante giethars, waarmee je zelf allerlei vormen kunt gieten of dingen kunt ingieten, die je weer als plakstenen of ornamenten kunt gebruiken. Uitgebreide werkbeschrijving op de verpakking.

ICE Resin - Molding Putty 2 part 180 ml

€16,95 incl. BTW excluding shipping
This is a fantastic molding putty which excels in the qualities of maliability, speed and resolution! Simple to mix, it allows for a full 3 minutes of working time and yet will

ICE Resin - Image Flip Book Belles Dames

€5,95 incl. BTW excluding shipping
This Belles Dames Flip Book is loaded with page after page of gorgeous collage that will slip right into the background of any bezel. The images are unique and couldn’t be easier to use- the collage is already done for you, so when you choose an image from a page, each and every time, you will get a little surprise bit of collage with it! And guess what? It’s double sided- there is a little bit of script on the back of each page so that when this collage paper gets under ICE Resin, and becomes transparent, you get just a hint of a layered effect, without the trouble of planning for it. If you don’t like a layered look, seal it with Paper Sealer.

ICE Resin

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