925 Silver Wire

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925 Silver Filled Wire full-hard round 24 gauge x1m

€4,13 inclusive Steuer €5,90 inclusive Steuer excluding shipping
Professional-quality sterling silver-filled wire has a high-perceived value at a fraction of the cost of sterling silver. Sterling silver-filled wire is made of a durable outer layer of sterling silver surrounding a copper-alloy core and is finished with an anti-tarnish coating to preserve its beauty. Full-hard wire holds its shape for wire-wrapping jewelry. Its tempered nature holds intricate designs well while adding a brilliantly polished look. Sterling silver-filled wire handles like sterling silver and can be soldered. Contains 10% silver, 1/10 silver filled.

925 Silver Wire half-hard round 20 gauge x10cm

€0,80 inclusive Steuer excluding shipping

925 Silver Wire half-hard round 22 gauge x10cm

€0,65 inclusive Steuer excluding shipping