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We've been doing what we love for 10 years! has the largest range of beads and components in the BeNeLux and perhaps also in Europe (over 50.000 items).

Mathias, born and raised in Bruges, used to be an IT manager at Bpost. I (Tatiana) used to work as an economist at Panasonic. I have always been creative and wanted to make my own bridal jewelry. We looked for the material in Belgium and came to the conclusion that the supply in Belgium is very limited and that in the Netherlands they mainly sold cheap Chinese parts. Mathias made the first purchases of beads and he did it very thoroughly. He inventoried more than 600 suppliers.

In 2014 we launched our webshop and a little later we opened a showroom in a 17th century house in the historic center of Bruges, Pickup point Brussels. With us you can find different types of beads and components for every taste and budget: freshwater pearls, natural stone, glass, wood, ceramic, metal beads, crystals, etc. All types of stringing material from silk for freshwater pearls to sturdy threads for natural stone, nylon , satin, leather cords and metal wire.

We choose for quality and sustainability and mainly work with European manufacturers, but in our range you will also find a lot of beautiful things from Japan, the United States and Peru. Bijoux designers like to come to for the unique items that they cannot find anywhere else. is a one-stop-shop with everything you need to make fantasy jewelry yourself. We have pliers for every occasion and many other tools. We also offer various storage systems (boxes, tubes, mills), presentation displays and gift packaging.

Our crystals not only shine in jewelry, but also on clothing and other objects. People who sew clothes for performances or special occasions know very well (for example in Bruges: Atelier Maillots Pavlova and Lierika). We also supply crystals for luxury paint production to a West Flemish company. Some of our bead friends are visually impaired. They have to feel the beads. For them we have a nice range of glass beads in all kinds of shapes: square, triangle, round and tube.

7 years ago we were able to save 100 pallets of vintage creative material from the incinerator. Sorting more than 30,000 kilos was a feat. A lot of material has been given a new destination, so you can find our NOS (new old stock) vintage Expo 58 collection in the Atomium shop in Brussels. We were also able to donate various creative materials to schools. We have included most of the unique and high-quality pieces in our range and now find their way to designers from all over the world. Some vintage beads are even 100 years old. For example, we are the only one in the world who offers Pompei beads online. Pompei beads are beads made in Czechoslovakia especially for the Italian market. Production stopped in the early 1970s. 

Last summer, a designer from South Africa was on holiday in Bruges and a visit to the “local bead shop” was always on her agenda. It was nice to hear that our store was the most unique of the many stores they had already visited.  Recently, a collection of vintage pendants made from eloxal went to a designer in Athens. Eloxal is a material that was widely used after the Second War in Germany. Due to the shortage of metal, aluminum was used from aircraft wrecks. Circulaire avant la lettre 😉 The pendants themselves are from the 1950s and have the property that they do not discolour, I wonder what the Greek designer will make with them.

Holiday is always the central theme of "Jewelry" for us. Our last visit was the Schmuck Museum in Pforzheim.

We also provide free information sessions to students learning to design jewelry or embroider with beads. For example, school Syntra (Brussels and Antwerp) has already visited us. We like to talk about the diversity of materials and the history of beads and the many anecdotes from the past 10 years.

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Tatiana & Mathias