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    Lacy's Stiff Stuff 8,89cm Circles Black x6

    €4,13 exclusive Steuer €5,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    This beading foundation and craft medium is perfect for cab beading, bead appliqué and more! It eliminates the need for frames, hoops, or cardstock when doing beaded cabochons. It even stays stiff after wetting or dyeing without shrinking. Draw on it, trace through it, or apply iron-on transfers. The package includes 6 sheets of black 3.5-inch diameter circles.

    Sequins Mix Color Mix x85g

    €4,49 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    It is quick and easy to add glitz to costumes, ornaments, wearables, basic crafts, and other projects. Gluo on with E-6000 glue, or sew on with a beading needle and thread.

    French Wire (cannetille or bouillon) Heavy 1.1mm Gold x35.5cm

    Von €2,25 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Wooden Double Bead Spinner x1

    €29,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Whether you are making a beaded necklace, bracelet, or strands of beaded garland, The Beadsmith has got you covered! Our Beadsmith Spin & String Duo has everything you need to string beads quickly and efficiently in a minimal amount of time. This spinner set includes a wooden base, two wooden bowls, 1 wooden lid and 2 needles. The base is long and can hold both bowls at the same time. Easily alternate between two colors using the two-bowl design. The lid is notched for a mess-free pouring of beads, and the 2 wire needles feature a J-hook at the end. The Spin & String is easy and fun to use. Before you begin, make sure you are working on a level surface. Measure your thread to be 10 inches longer than the length of the beads that you need. To use, thread your needle and knot the end, or leave it attached to the spool of the thread. To avoid getting your thread tangled, tuck the short end between the plies of the longer end. Pour seed beads into the cup, filling about halfway. Rotate the center spindle with one hand, but not too fast or your beads may fly out. With your other hand, place the curved end horizontally into the beads near (but not touching) the outer wall of the right side of the cup. The beads will load onto the needle very rapidly. Once you have a couple of inches of beads on the needle, carefully lift the curved end and then push the beads down onto the thread. Repeat the whole process of spinning and string until you've reached the desired length of beads. An excellent time saver!

    Spin N String Needles 127mm x5

    €5,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Designed for use with BeadSmith Spin & String bead spinners.

    Wooden Bead Spinner Large x1

    €26,99 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    The Beadsmith Spin-N-Bead Large is hand-crafted of hardwood & is an absolute must for anyone looking to create fringe, multi-strand necklaces, appliqués & hanks. Simply pour your seed beads into the cup, insert the spinning wheel needle, spin & watch the beads climb onto your thread. An excellent time saver.

    Fish Leather Glossy Chestnut x1

    €15,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Fish Leather Glossy Yellow x1

    €15,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Fish Leather Glossy Hazelnut x1

    €15,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping