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    Opelon Stetch Cord 0.7mm Black x5m

    339,88 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Bead Bandit Silver Plate x12

    Von 234,40 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Bead Bandit Gold Plate x12

    Von 251,98 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Tarnish-Resistant Wire 22 Gauge (.64mm) Round Soft Temper Silver x38,1m

    2 930,02 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Permanently Colored Non-tarnish Craft Wire. Great for all sorts of projects, including wire crocheted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Dead-soft wire is extremely flexible which makes it ideal for creating flowing curves, shapes, and spirals, as well as for wrapping stones. Because of this flexibility, it can also be easily unbent, so when it is used to create an element like a clasp, which will be subjected to high stress, it should be hardened after shaping. This can be done by placing it on an anvil or bench block and striking it with a nylon-jaw hammer.

    Tarnish-Resistant Wire 21 Gauge (0.7mm) Medium Temper 6-Pack Shape Assortiment

    2 801,10 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    99.99% COPPER

    Beadmith Power Spinner 2 Needles + 3 Cups w/lids

    4 395,04 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    A fun and simple way to string seed beads for jewelry, fringe and more! SW16 includes: 1 Spin & String Mini Tool & 1 Spin & String Mini Needle. This handy device is an absolute must for anyone looking to create fringe, multi-strand necklaces, appliqués, and hanks. An excellent time-saver!

    Jewelry Display Red Dress x1

    562,56 ₽ exclusive Steuer 1 406,41 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Height: 38cm

    Steel Ring Mandrel x1

    2 138,92 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Superior Steel without markings. Weight: 700gms/pc. Made in India.

    Book, Soutache & Bead Embroidery Brochure by Sweet-McNamara

    586,00 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Making cords is fun, easy and fast. In fact, a technique that looks this great shouldn't be this easy! Kumihimo (pronounced koo-mee-HEE-mo) is the ancient art of Japanese board braiding. While there are many braid structures that can be worked within the universe of board braiding, this booklet will concentrate on one easy-to-master braid. This braid can be made by children as young as 7; 'tweens are huge fans of it; teenagers tend to be "speed braiders"; and adults find it to be "Zen-like", relaxing and engaging without requiring concentration. The projects in this booklet progress from easy to more advanced. Hangable softcover, 24 pages, measures 5-1/" x 8-1/2


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