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    Wire Whacker x1

    €9,50 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Press & harden your wire designs using the Wire Whacker with your hand orühammer! Easy-to-handle, simple-to-use will work with most wire gauges and theüwire diameter will not change. Won’t mark or nick most types ofüwire, including: Gold, Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver & Copper. After placing your wire designs between the 2 Wire Whacker boards, whack the top board with your hand or hammer. Your wire designs will harden and retain their shape!

    Wooden Mandrel Set

    €6,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Round Your Wire Tool 1.8 mm Cup Bur x1

    €9,00 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    With its European quality cup bur, this simple to use tool is perfect for smoothing the rough & often sharp ends of cut beading wire. Round the end of rough or pointed wire with this cup bur tool. (A cup bur is a very small, cup-shaped file which works perfectly on the ends of wire to smooth sharp ends. You will get a lot of use out of this little tool!) Just twist the hardwood handle while holding the cup on the end of your wire. The cutting surfaces that smooth the wire are inside a 1.8mm cup. Designed for soft wire such as sterling silver, copper or gold-filled wires.

    Wire Mandrel Set

    Von €4,50 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Thing-A-Ma-Jig Beginner Kit

    €5,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Beadsmith Thing-A-Ma-Jig Deluxe model x1

    €19,90 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    This deluxe model wire-wrapping jig is made from hardened aluminum for long wear. The deluxe set comes with jig, pegs, complete instructions, plus six patterns and one blank template. Working jig area is approximately 5-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. Comes with 20 small pegs, 6 medium pegs, 2 large pegs and 2 extra large pegs.

    BeadSmith 5 Step Mandrel Set

    €7,50 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping