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    Here you'll find essential jewelry-making tools for the beginning to intermediate jeweler.

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    Steel Ring Mandrel x1

    2 138,92 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Superior Steel without markings. Weight: 700gms/pc. Made in India.

    Budget Thread Clippers x1

    Von 104,31 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Size: about 109mm long, 23mm wide, 11mm thick.

    Modelling Tool x1

    580,14 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Modeling tool (Medium/large round spoon). Use to carve figures and to smooth glued seams and marks. Comfort grip for better control.

    Realeather Crafts Funtime Stamp Set

    3 047,23 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    It's easy and fun to stamp designs in leather with these tools! Includes: • 8 Stamp design Tools: butterfly, flower, leaf, sun, star, moon, smile & heart.• 1 tool handle. • 8 Wristbands.

    BeadSmith Design Stamp "Baby Feet" 6mm x1

    703,21 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Design stamps add a little extra flair to your metal designs! • Ideal for creating unique stamped metal jewelry • Easy to use!

    ImpressArt Stamp .925 symbol 1.5mm x1

    937,61 ₽ exclusive Steuer 1 172,01 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    • Designed by artists for artists, ImpressArt metal stamps will make a lasting impression on your jewelry • These professional quality stamps are manufactured to the highest standard for durability and alignment • Designs are precision-cut from carbon tool steel, hardened to last project after project

    ImpressArt Rivet Setter x1

    468,80 ₽ exclusive Steuer 586,00 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    ImpressArt Crystal Rivet Setting x1

    1 406,41 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Package is damaged

    Beading Awl x1

    345,74 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    An awl is a beading tool used for knotting. The awl makes it easier for you to make consistent and tight knots. * Use to form knots between beads & pearls * Comes in handy when you need to open small beads for covering crimps * Guides knots down close to beads * Fine point helps loosen knots and tangles