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    Tschechische Glas

    More than 115 different Czech Glass Beads.

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    Zorro Beads 6x5mm Crystal Labrador Full x50

    €2,00 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Fixer Bead Vertical Holes Crystal Pale Gold x10g

    €2,75 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    10 gram = +/- 26 pieces

    Fixer Bead Horizontal Holes Crystal Pale Gold x10g

    €3,00 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    10 gram = +/- 26 pieces

    Silver Foil Flowers 12mm Sapphire x1

    €1,20 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Lampwork beads are made by using a blowtorch to heat a rod of glass and spinning the resulting thread around a metal rod. When the base bead has been formed, other colors of glass can be added to the surface to create many designs. Oftentimes, after this initial stage of the bead-making process is done, the bead is further fired in an oven to increase its sheen and to make it more durable. Czech glass beads are the best quality available!

    Nano Beads 5x10mm Nano Crystal Silver Rainbow x25

    €2,50 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Nano beads measure 10x5mm & have an interesting organic shape. The large hole and organic shape allow for many unique designs. The 3.5mm holes will fit onto many sizes of cords. Try multiple thin cords or one larger. For beadwork or stringing, consider filling the hole with a small seed bead to help support and position the hole. Made in the Czech Republic.

    Vintage Bohemian Glass 7-13 mm Facetted Round Shiny Gold Tone x50

    €3,00 exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Tschechische Glas

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