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    Book, Soutache & Bead Embroidery Brochure by Sweet-McNamara

    586,00 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Making cords is fun, easy and fast. In fact, a technique that looks this great shouldn't be this easy! Kumihimo (pronounced koo-mee-HEE-mo) is the ancient art of Japanese board braiding. While there are many braid structures that can be worked within the universe of board braiding, this booklet will concentrate on one easy-to-master braid. This braid can be made by children as young as 7; 'tweens are huge fans of it; teenagers tend to be "speed braiders"; and adults find it to be "Zen-like", relaxing and engaging without requiring concentration. The projects in this booklet progress from easy to more advanced. Hangable softcover, 24 pages, measures 5-1/" x 8-1/2

    Wire Snowflake 11cm x7

    Von 421,92 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Sold per 7pcs

    Sova Versa Loom

    3 750,43 ₽ exclusive Steuer
    A new way to weave beads on a loom... the Versa Loom adjusts to different pattern lengths and best of all leaves no warp threads to worry about. The length of this loom is variable from 2 to 15 which is achieved by using a variable combination of the 6 included spacers (2 each of three sizes: 2 2.5 and 3). The width of the loom is 4 with a usable width up to 3. The included manual demonstrates how to wrap the warp bars warp weave and teaches an easy removal technique and also features instructions for making a 5 bead wide strip. Also included are 2 replacement warp bars and a set of height adjusters. Heavy duty plastic construction.

    Endless Loom Bands 7 Inch Black x50

    1 523,61 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Endless Loom Bands 7 Inch Clear x50

    1 523,61 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Beadsmith Macramé board mini 19x26 cm x1

    1 019,65 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Bobbin 1-7/8 No Tangle with weight 24g x8

    814,55 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Bobbin No Tangle 6,5cm x1

    Von 46,88 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping

    Thread Zap II - Replacement Tips x2

    395,55 ₽ exclusive Steuer 439,50 ₽ exclusive Steuer excluding shipping
    Replacement tips compatible with thread zap. Can not be used with ultra thead.