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    Acrylic Pendant Leaf 18x11mm Color Mix x50

    From 75,01 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping

    Jewelry Display Red Dress x1

    562,56 ₽ excl tax 1 406,41 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping
    Height: 38cm

    Arcos® par Puca® 5x10mm Crystal AB x10g

    543,81 ₽ excl tax 679,77 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping

    Display pad insert Silk Green x1

    464,12 ₽ excl tax 1 160,29 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping
    Beautiful tray pads are made of luxurious, hand-woven silk with a foam filling that adds softness, flexibility and extra padding. Subtle colors will accent your jewelry designs. Attached pull tab assists in removing the pad from a tray.

    Full tray.

    Arcos® by Puca® 5x10 mm Opaque Mix Blue Green Ceramic Look x10g

    ARC510- 03000-65431
    345,74 ₽ excl tax 691,49 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping

    Arcos® par Puca® 5x10mm Pastel Light Brown Coco x10g

    380,90 ₽ excl tax 761,81 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping

    Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Bag of 12 Handmade Small Dolls

    From 210,96 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping
    Traditionally they are used by placing them under your pillow to take away your worries. The design of dolls and the color varies. Made in Guatemala.

    Chain Tassel 12-strand 60mm Antique Copper x2

    From 93,76 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping
    Sold per 2 pcs

    Accu-Flex Paper Cord 4 strand 0.8 mm diameter White x30m

    468,80 ₽ excl tax 937,61 ₽ excl tax excluding shipping
    Accu-Flex™ natural paper cord is biodegradable with a cord strength of up to 7-1/2 pounds. Change the natural paper color using the same process to dye fabric. Paper cord can be glued, crimped or worked like any other cord material. Finish with cord ends.

    ☃️ Winter Sales ☃️

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