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Book, "A Charming Exchange: 25 Jewelry Projects to Create & Share" by Kelly Snelling and Ruth Rae.

£1,716,298.50 incl tax excluding shipping
In this book, 25 talented artists collaborate to create a stunning charm bracelet and other pieces of jewelry that demonstrate techniques you can apply to other crafts as well. The stories behind each project will inspire you to organize art swaps or collaborations of your own!

Softcover, full color, 127 pages
25 projects
Book size: 10-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Book, "Alphabets & Ornaments: Artwork for Scrapbooks and Fabric-Transfer Crafts, Memories of a Lifetime™ series" by Anna Corba.

£645,225.00 incl tax £1,290,450.00 incl tax excluding shipping
In Alphabets & Ornaments, you'll find exquisite lettering, birds, children and other sophisticated, inspiring designs that you can use to create your own unique scrapbooks and other projects.

Book, "Beaded Beauties to Crochet" by Susan Lutz Kenyon.

£1,290,450.00 incl tax excluding shipping
Now crocheters can use easy techniques to create high-end jewelry at low cost. Simply combine beads and nylon cord to make 10 sophisticated necklaces and three bracelets, each fashioned from crocheted slip-stitch ropes.

Softcover, full color, 32 pages
13 projects
Book size: 10-1/2 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Book, "Beaded Colorways: Creating Freeform Beadweaving Projects and Palettes" by Beverly Ash Gilbert.

£1,716,298.50 incl tax excluding shipping
Learn to approach color as a painter does, only your palette will be rainbow-hued beads and your paintings will be spectacular jewelry you can wear! Beaded Colorways shows you how to mix beads and gems together to create custom color blends called Bead Soups. These "soups" are then woven together into dazzling pieces that are more like works of art than simple jewelry. You'll even learn how to seamlessly stitch from one color to another, helping you create stunning multicolor jewelry.

Beverly Gilbert teaches you to create your own stunning beaded works of art through:
• In-depth discussion about color theory-accompanied by color wheels-allowing you to turn beads into your medium and make jewelry your canvas.
• Clear photos and step-by-step instructions guide you through beadweaving techniques-including netting, peyote and freeform stitches-letting you create truly unique jewelry.
• 18 projects that include a mix of materials to add even more texture: gems, beach glass, ribbon and metal all make their way into stunning creations.
Let Beaded Colorways start you on your artistic beading journey.

Softcover, full color, 127 pages
14 projects
Book size: 10-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: Intermediate to advanced

Book, "Beadwoven Jewelry" compiled by Lesley Weiss.

£1,716,298.50 incl tax excluding shipping
Looking for a way to expand your beading horizons? You'll find it here in Beadwoven Jewelry. This comprehensive collection includes more than 25 of Bead&Button magazine's best beadwoven projects. Using stitches that range from classic to creative, you'll gain the skills to make supple seed bead bracelets, intricate earrings, sparkling crystal chains and more!

Each editor-tested project is presented with clear instructions, full-color step-by-step photography and detailed illustrations. And, since Beadwoven Jewelry begins with a thorough guide to basic beadweaving techniques, beaders of all levels will be able to complete projects with ease.

Softcover, full color, 96 pages
28 projects
Book size: 10-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: All skill levels

Book, "Best of Bead&Button: Beaded Necklaces" compiled by Julia Gerlach and Tea Benduhn.

£1,716,298.50 incl tax excluding shipping
Want the perfect fashion complement that will win you compliments? Make beautiful beaded necklaces!

When you're assembling an outfit, do you find yourself seeking the extra finishing touch that brings your whole look together and makes it complete? Or do you want to add an accent that will change an old standard from ordinary to extraordinary? Look no further. Beaded Necklaces demonstrates dozens of ways to create necklaces for any occasion.

Softcover, full color, 96 pages
31 projects
Book size: 10-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Book, "Boutique Bead & Wire Jewelry" by Melody MacDuffee.

£1,290,450.00 incl tax excluding shipping
Even beginning beaders can create stunning jewelry with delicate, twining floral and filigree details. The primary technique used to make every project is a simple one: Twist two wires together to form a "main stem," then detour at regular or irregular intervals to add "branches" that end in single- or multiple-bead patterns, such as a five-petal flower. Some of the styles are perfect for everyday wear, like the Sand & Sky Turquoise Bracelet and the Bezeled Cabochon Pendant, while others are coordinated pieces for special occasions, such as Cocktail Hour Necklace & Earrings and the Extravagance Mini-Pearl Wedding Set. The jewelry in this designer collection is as lovely as any you'll see at a trendy boutique, but it's also a pleasure to craft.

Softcover, full color, 128 pages
23 projects
Book size: 10 x 8-1/2 inches
Level: All skill levels

Book, "Ceramic Bead Jewelry: 30 Fired & Inspired Projects" by Jennifer Heynen.

£1,716,298.50 incl tax excluding shipping
Stylish jewelry featuring fun, fabulous ceramic beads. Make a variety of gorgeous bead jewelry projects using low-fire ceramics with a wide range of glazes in dazzling colors. Whether you want to replicate the look of traditional majolica or the brilliant sheen of metal, you'll learn a series of techniques that will enable you to achieve many attractive effects.

Hardcover, full color, 128 pages
30 projects
Book size: 10-1/4 x 8-3/4 inches
Level: Beginner to intermediate

Book, "Chain Style: 50 Contemporary Jewelry Designs" by Jane Dickerson.

£1,716,298.50 incl tax excluding shipping
Chain Style showcases 50 projects using chain as the key design element, featuring top-notch jewelry artists including Jane Dickerson, Kerry Bogert, Denise Peck, Yvonne Irvin, Leslie Rogalski, Lorelei Eurto, Mealanie Brooks and more.

Chain Style includes:
• Basic wirework and stringing techniques
• Easy-to-find materials lists
• Projects for jewelry makers of all skill levels
• Detailed step-by-step instructions

Chain is fast, fun and affordable. You will find lots of inspiring ideas for using chain creatively with a wide variety of design istyles and levels of commitment. Learn to make a fabulous and unique piece of jewelry in minutes!

Softcover, full color, 127 pages
50 projects
Book size: 10-1/2 x 8-1/2 inches
Level: Beginner to intermediate