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Charm Coin 17mm Gold x1

From €0.60 incl tax excluding shipping
This vintage charm is crafted in West Germany. The metal is eloxal, ensuring its golden hue remains timeless and unchanging.

East Indian Coin 21mm Antiqued Copper x1

€3.00 incl tax excluding shipping
Interesting, rustic pieces to add to creations, hang as chimes or to just hold a piece of history in your hand. Coins range in dates randomly from 1943-1947. Great to be drilled and strung for jewelry use.

Northern Song China Coin 24mm Antique Bronze x1

€6.00 incl tax excluding shipping
Genuine circulated coin from the Song Dynasty in Northern China, which was the ruling dynasty from 960-1279 A.D. It symbolized the first reunification of China after the fall of the earlier Tang Dynasty. Each coin is a unique piece of history. Made of cast bronze.