Wire Jewelry Books

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'Contemporary Bead & Wire Jewelry" by Suzanne J. E. Tourtillott and Nathalie Mornu

€19.95 incl tax excluding shipping

'Wire Work" with DVD by Dale Armstrong

€19.95 incl tax excluding shipping

'Creative Wire Jewelry" by Kathy Peterson

€9.98 incl tax €19.95 incl tax excluding shipping

"Crochet Wire Jewelry" by Nancy Waille

€9.98 incl tax €19.95 incl tax excluding shipping

"Wire Jewelry: Crocheted, Knitted, Twisted & Beaded" by Chrissie Day.

€9.98 incl tax €19.95 incl tax excluding shipping

"Dazzling Bead & Wire Crafts" by Mickey Baskett.

€9.98 incl tax €19.95 incl tax excluding shipping
Spectacular designs that take beading to a new, imaginative level. Mickey Baskett has gathered together a dazzling array of beading projects to make using exciting techniques and materials. Try your hand at beautiful boxes encrusted with beads and jewels, elegant necklaces and earring sets that glimmer and pretty candle holders that will glow from the light within. Whether it's simple wire bending or creating detailed mosaics, the techniques you'll learn can easily be used on your own striking designs.

Softcover, full color, 80 pages
55 projects
Book size: 10x8-1/2 inches
Level: Beginning to intermediate

"Wire Art Jewelry Workshop: Step-By-Step Techniques and Projects" by Sharilyn Miller.

€12.48 incl tax €24.95 incl tax excluding shipping
Discover all you will need to know to start creating stunning wire art jewelry with Wire Art Jewelry Workshop. Bestselling author and designer Sharilyn Miller offers step-by-step instruction plus a bonus DVD to help you learn to make stunning wire art jewelry like a true artisan.

Wire Art Jewelry Workshop is a comprehensive guide filled with the basic building blocks for creating wire art jewelry. From cleaning, straightening, twisting and coiling to cage beads, heart-shaped ear wires, headpins and bead connectors, Wire Art Jewelry Workshop gives you all the expert tips on creating solid findings and custom components. Jewelry artists will learn to combine these components into 16 original wire bracelet, earring and necklace designs. Plus, each project can be made with a variety of wires from classic silver or cost-effective copper so you can customize each piece to your style and budget. You'll be making stylish new wearable art jewelry in no time!

Sharilyn also offers detailed instruction the whole way from plain wire to finished piece so you'll be sure not to miss a single loop, twist or bend. Make sure to check out the bonus DVD featuring Sharilyn's signature tips and tricks designed for all skill levels to improve their craftsmanship and strengthen their techniques. Wire Art Jewelry Workshop offers everything you need to get started creating beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry and having fun making it.

Boutique Bead & Wire Jewelry by Melody MacDuffee.

€5.98 incl tax €19.95 incl tax excluding shipping
Even beginning beaders can create stunning jewelry with delicate, twining floral and filigree details. The primary technique used to make every project is a simple one: Twist two wires together to form a "main stem," then detour at regular or irregular intervals to add "branches" that end in single- or multiple-bead patterns, such as a five-petal flower. Some of the styles are perfect for everyday wear, like the Sand & Sky Turquoise Bracelet and the Bezeled Cabochon Pendant, while others are coordinated pieces for special occasions, such as Cocktail Hour Necklace & Earrings and the Extravagance Mini-Pearl Wedding Set. The jewelry in this designer collection is as lovely as any you'll see at a trendy boutique, but it's also a pleasure to craft.

Softcover, full color, 128 pages
23 projects
Book size: 10 x 8-1/2 inches
Level: All skill levels

"Mostly Metals: A Beginner's Guide to Jewelry Design--Contemporary Silver, Gold and Copper Jewelry" by Karin Buckingham.

€19.95 incl tax excluding shipping
Jewelry that shimmers with rich gold, silver or copper needn't be difficult to make. And you don't have to buy a lot of expensive equipment to get started. In Mostly Metals, author Karin Buckingham presents her five building blocks of jewelry design: plain loops, wrapped loops, jumprings, chain and spacers. Each chapter focuses on one of these fundamentals with projects that incorporate each element into great jewelry designs--all made with easy-to-find materials and three basic tools.
This book shows in detail the "how-to" steps of making each necklace, bracelet and pair of earrings, then goes beyond to teach you the "whys." In her conversational style, Karin shares the reasons behind her choices so you can build your understanding of the many small decisions that drive great design. Practice your skills, enjoy creating the projects and soon you'll be fashioning your own fantastic metal jewelry.

Softcover, full color, 94 pages
38 projects
Book size: 10-3/4 x 8-1/4 inches
Level: Beginner