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    Miyuki Delica 11/0

    Miyuki Delica Beads 11/0 are cylinder-shaped beads. DB - Delica Beads.
    DB 11/0 is the most populair size.
    Each bead measure 1,6x1,5mm, hole size 0,8mm
    Count is approximately 2000 beads per 10gram.
    There are the largest range of colours in DB 11/0. They are perfect for bead weaving due to the precise shape of the seed bead, allowing them to fit together perfectly (peyote stitch, brick stitch, bead loom). DB work well for any flat beadwork. These clasps fit ideal for a bracelet with Delica 11/0.

    Cylinder MIYUKI Delica Beads (DB) have different sizes. 
    Find on our website DBL 8/0 (2,5); DBM 10/0 (2,2mm); DBS 15/0 (1,3mm).

    Click here to go to Miyuki’s useful colour conversion chart – great if you’re trying to match up colours of Delica and Seed Beads

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    Miyuki Delica 11/0 DB2106 Duracoat Opaque Hawthorne x10g

    A partir de 459,43 ₽ HT excluding shipping

    Miyuki Delica 11/0 DB1132 Opaque Canary x10g

    A partir de 339,88 ₽ HT excluding shipping

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 Pinky Way x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB0244 Pink Ceylon x5g
    DB0067 Light Peach Lined Crystal Luster x5g
    DB0075 Dark Rose Lined AB x5g
    DB0056 Raspberry Lined Crystal AB x5g
    DB0072 Lined Pale Lilac AB x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 GoldenEye x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB0065 Lined Topaz AB x5g
    DB0205 Light Caramel Ceylon x5g
    DB0410 Galvanized Yellow Gold x5g
    DB0233 Light Daffodil Ceylon x5g
    DB0461 Galvanized Copper x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 Sunny Flowers x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB1521 Mat Opaque Pale Yellow AB x5g
    DB0233 Light Daffodil Ceylon x5g
    DB1132 Opaque Canary x5g
    DB1401 Transparent Crystal Lemon Ice x5g
    DB0743 Mat Transparent Light Yellow x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 Redlove x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB0602 Silver Lined Red x5g
    DB0654 Dyed Opaque Cranberry x5g
    DB0779 Dyed Semi-Frosted Transparent Watermelon x5g
    DB0236 Crystal Luster Rose Lined x5g
    DB0062 Lined Light Cranberry AB x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 Evergreen x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB0903 Sparkling Celery Lined Crystal x5g
    DB1106 Transparent Lime x5g
    DB0767 Mat Transparent Dark Emerald x5g
    DB0766 Mat Transparent Chartreuse x5g
    DB0916 Sparkling Light Green Lined Chartreuse x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 Purple Rain x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB0430 Galvanized Purple x5g
    DB0249 Purple Ceylon x5g
    DB0216 Opaque Cobalt Luster x5g
    DB0783 Transparent Purple Dyed Semi Mat x5g
    DB0250 Ceylon Color-lined Hyacinth x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica Set 11/0 Rose Garden x1

    1 406,41 ₽ HT excluding shipping
    DB0833 Light Orchid Silk Satin x5g
    DB1338 Silver Lined Dark Pink x5g
    DB1243 Transparent Pink Mist AB x5g
    DB1376 Opaque Dark Rose x5g
    DB1308 Transparent Dark Rose x5g
    box included

    Miyuki Delica 11/0

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