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Coin, antique bronze, Northern Song China, +/- 24mm.

£907,180.00 TTC excluding shipping
Genuine circulated coin from the Song Dynasty in Northern China, which was the ruling dynasty from 960-1279 A.D. It symbolized the first reunification of China after the fall of the earlier Tang Dynasty. Each coin is a unique piece of history. Made of cast bronze.

Coin, antiqued copper, East Indian, +/- 21mm.

£136,077.00 TTC £272,154.00 TTC excluding shipping
Interesting, rustic pieces to add to creations, hang as chimes or to just hold a piece of history in your hand. Coins range in dates randomly from 1943-1947. Great to be drilled and strung for jewelry use.

Charn, Counterfeit knife money.

A partir de £9,071.80 TTC excluding shipping