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    Felt base for embroidery 210x280mm Black x1

    От £2.28 с налогами excluding shipping
    BeadSmith Beading Foundation is a stiff and durable material used for bead embroidery, cabochon beading & sewing. Its easy-to-bead-through material will maintain its shape and is strong enough so you can even bead right up to the edges. It's completely washable & shrink resistant. It can be dyed and works well with permanent marker. You can even draw and trace your patterns directly onto the material.

    Wire Snowflake 4 1/2 inch - 11.4cm x7

    £3.38 с налогами excluding shipping

    BrightFX USB Led Light x1

    £6.76 с налогами excluding shipping
    USB LED LightPlugs into any USB Port Portable and easy to store. 18 LED lights for maximum brightness Flexible metal wire, multiple positions. Easy on and off switch

    Shine Rite Polishing Pads 50x50mm x10

    £3.38 с налогами £4.23 с налогами excluding shipping
    Create a bright, professional shine quickly and easily! Use Polishing Pads to brighten, polish, and remove tarnish from metal jewelry components. They are great for stamping charms, highlighting antiqued finishes, and quick touch-ups too. These pre-treated 2 inch squares are made from tight-bond cellular foam with permanently bonded micro-abrasives. Simply use each cloth until completely soiled then discard

    Bead Buddy Thread Magic Thread Conditioner x1

    £8.42 с налогами excluding shipping
    Thread Magic is a thread conditioner that can be used to strengthen your thread.

    Hasulith Nickel Test

    £9.82 с налогами £10.92 с налогами excluding shipping
    Hasulith Nickel-Test is a quick and easy method to detect nickel in metals, alloys and galvanic layers. Usually the test can be carried out without destruction or damage of the object. Contains 2 bottles of 20 ml, equivalent to about 40 tests.

    Ultrasuede Beadsmith Brownstone 21,5x21,5 cm x1

    £5.03 с налогами excluding shipping

    Ultrasuede Beadsmith Petroleum 21,5x21,5 cm x1

    £5.03 с налогами excluding shipping

    Ultrasuede Beadsmith Admiral 21,5x21,5 cm x1

    £5.03 с налогами excluding shipping