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    Wire Whacker x1

    £7.62 с налогами excluding shipping
    Press & harden your wire designs using the Wire Whacker with your hand orühammer! Easy-to-handle, simple-to-use will work with most wire gauges and theüwire diameter will not change. Won’t mark or nick most types ofüwire, including: Gold, Gold-Filled, Sterling Silver & Copper. After placing your wire designs between the 2 Wire Whacker boards, whack the top board with your hand or hammer. Your wire designs will harden and retain their shape!

    Wooden Mandrel Set

    £5.03 с налогами excluding shipping

    Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo Deluxe

    £8.04 с налогами excluding shipping

    Wire Mandrel

    £4.15 с налогами excluding shipping

    Thing-A-Ma-Jig Beginner Kit

    £4.99 с налогами excluding shipping

    Thing-A-Ma-Jig Deluxe model x1

    £13.96 с налогами excluding shipping
    This deluxe model wire-wrapping jig is made from hardened aluminum for long wear. The deluxe set comes with jig, pegs, complete instructions, plus six patterns and one blank template. Working jig area is approximately 5-1/2 x 4-1/2 inches. Comes with 20 small pegs, 6 medium pegs, 2 large pegs and 2 extra large pegs.

    BeadSmith 5 Step Mandrel Set

    £4.91 с налогами excluding shipping

    Clover French Knitter x1

    £10.15 с налогами excluding shipping
    French knitting (sometimes called "spool knitting") lets the jewelry maker use a variety of threads, cords and beading wires to create beaded jewelry and fashion accessories. Side hole gives access to finished cord. The tool comes with full instructions, a crochet hook for easy use and three interchangeable heads: 4 peg, 5 peg and 6 peg. Instructions cover four languages: English, Spanish, German and French.